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Ingenious Transformative Learning Academy

Welcome to Ingenious TLA

Ingenious TLA

At Ingenious TLA, we have created a structure by gauging the students’ needs and augmenting the primary and secondary education quality for preparing for various state & national level competitive and entrance exams. We nurture passionate students (selected through rigorous admission process) for providing head start in competition with our “Ingenious Integrated Learning and Development Program” (IILDP). With our unique teaching methods and tailored course designs, we've been able to help students learn and cultivate necessary skills. Regular assessments help them keep track of their own pace and identify areas for further improvements. We firmly believe that "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think," as said by Albert Einstein. In this era of interconnected world, age-old methodology for focus on limited/specific knowledge will prove detrimental. True skillsets required for future jobs and careers can only be acquired through a holistic approach. Digital technologies are slowly taking over education institutes. We, however, believe in motivating and shaping students through our caring hands to ensure they succeed..